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Brother Andrew

Speaker, Founder of Open Doors

“My prayer and desire is to see more and more people support the unique and strategic ministry of Frontiers. In order to see a breakthrough in the Muslim world we need organisations like Frontiers.”

Simon Guillebaud

Speaker, Founder of Great Lakes Outreach

“I love everything about Frontiers: their passion for Jesus, urgency to go to unreached people groups, cultural sensitivity and willingness to embrace the toughest challenges - all motivated by love for the billion-plus precious souls in the Muslim world.”

George Verwer

Speaker, Founder of Operation Mobilisation

“I praise God that He has raised up the work of Frontiers, one of the few agencies on the cutting edge of reaching Muslims with the message of the gospel.”

Rachel Riddall

Woodlands Church, Bristol

"We at Woodies have been partnering with Frontiers for many years. We really appreciate their practical love for Muslims and commitment to taking the gospel to where it has not been heard. What's more, workers we have sent out through Frontiers are a great inspiration to our congregations to seek God's kingdom more radically both here and overseas."

John Piper

Speaker, Founder of desiring and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary.

"...I thank God that Frontiers obeys the command of Jesus to make disciples of all nations, including Muslims."

Ian Nicholson

24-7 Prayer

"Frontiers profoundly reflect the heart of the Father in their passion to love and reach Muslims with the good news. They are prayerful, strategic in practice, long term in their thinking and committed to breakthrough; it is a privilege to work alongside them."


Student at Durham University

"Frontiers is home to some of the most refreshing and passionate evangelists I have ever come across. Their heart for Muslims is not only inspirational but also much-needed in today’s world where almost one third of the world remains unreached by the gospel."

Philip Jinadu

Woodlands Metro Church, Bristol

"Frontiers has a proven track record in mobilising and equipping ordinary Christians to cross cultural divides and to share the love of Jesus appropriately with the Muslim world."

Graham Nicholls

Director of Affinity  

"I was delighted when Frontiers joined the Affinity family last year. We highly value their passion to take the gospel to the Muslim world and we consider it a privilege to be able to partner with them in this great task."

Luke Hodgin

Worship Leader, Songwriter

"Balancing cultural sensitivity and passion, Frontiers reach the unreached with love and truth. It has been my great joy and privilege to go on a short term trip, lead worship with them in various settings and to support them as an organisation. I would encourage you to get involved in this important work too!"

Phil Moore

Church Leader & Author of the “Straight to the Heart” Bible Commentary Series

“I love the humility with which Frontiers approach Muslim communities with the Gospel, with profound wisdom about how to share and model that Jesus truly is good news for everyone.”

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