24th Apr 2024

An update from one of our teams working with those impacted by last year’s earthquakes in Turkey:

Since the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey we have been providing aid to people in one of the worst affected areas. Through our regular visits we’ve come to love these precious people and had multiple opportunities to cry with them, pray for them and share Bible stories. However, the visits have been physically and emotionally exhausting and while we’d had opportunities to share the gospel, there was little response. It felt like something was missing.

At the start of 2024 we were asking, “What’s our part here, Lord? How can we bring not just material help but Your Kingdom here in this swirl of grief, fear and loss? We want to see people coming to know you. They have to see the beauty of who You are!”

Nuray and her family were living in a tent until December when relief funds from donors enabled us to buy them a shipping container, modified to be a more secure shelter. Then, on our visit in January, I spoke with my friend. “Nuray, God sees you and your hardship, and He loves you. He wants to give you more than a container home. He wants to give you His Kingdom. Do you want it?”

She simply replied,Then teach me!”

That same day we started to study a story about Jesus’ power over darkness. The next day, with her whole household, we began reading a series of Bible stories from creation to Christ. We showed them how to continue to meet, read and discuss the God’s word using an app they installed on their phones.

Since then, they have gathered weekly as a small group to read the stories and study together.  It was so encouraging to see three generations of the same family helping each other to discover God’s word.  When Grandma’s comprehension was a bit slow, one of the teenagers in the group took the lead and explained the story. She then led the next meeting!

On the one-year anniversary of the earthquake the whole group met in one of the tents. They invited neighbours and friends and were ready to read and discover together. Nuray messaged me to say, We are here tonight, and we are waiting for God to speak to us.”

Seeing them taking their first steps of obedience even before coming to know Jesus is encouraging and humbling. The Lord heard our prayer and answered.

  • Please join us in praying for Nuray’s family to hear God speaking to them as they keep reading God’s word.
  • Pray for them to continue to share what they learn with their friends and relatives, and that groups like Nuray’s will begin to multiply.
  • At least five other households also mentioned they want to start reading the Bible material, so pray for their readiness and growth.

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    An update from one of our teams working with those impacted by last year’s earthquakes in Turkey.

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