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There are 768 different Muslim people groups in the world today, with populations over 100,000. The good news is that over 75% of those Muslim people groups have a local fellowship or people intentionally sharing the love of Jesus with them! That leaves less than 25%, or 179 people groups, without an opportunity to hear the gospel and we believe God wants that number to reach zero! 

PRAY FOR ZERO is a prayer initiative which seeks to see the remaining 179 people groups adopted for a year of prayer by 179 churches across the UK.

Will you be one of those churches helping Muslim people hear the gospel for the first time?

How do you adopt a people group?

Adopting a people group for prayer is a great way to develop the prayer life of a church.

The idea is that a church makes a commitment to pray for an ‘unengaged ’ Muslim people group for a minimum of a year. The goal is to raise up daily prayer for 12 months, with a minimum of 12 people each praying for 30 days in turn.

Some churches have 12 individuals, couples or families praying to cover each month, and some have 12 small groups taking it in turn.  Others have used a combination of small groups, seniors, youth groups, women’s groups or Sunday School classes .

​Whatever way your church chooses to organise it, we want to thank you for praying!

What resources are provided?

 Frontiers provides each church with:

  • A bespoke 30 day prayer guide, with specific information about your people group, a country profile, daily readings from Luke’s Gospel and three prayer topics each day.
  • A minimum of 20 copies of the prayer guide per church (although you can order more if you wish).
  • A framed 'Certificate of Adoption'.
  •  Pray for Zero' silicone wristbands.
  • Downloadable video resources and graphics.














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We insist on teams because we believe God uses them for his work to be accomplished and we find the concept of teamwork throughout scripture.

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