With love and respect inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus

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Our focus is on sending teams to live out and share the love of Jesus in Muslim communities where no one has previously made Him known.

People who join Frontiers and live overseas are committed to:

  • Joining a team of like-minded people and living in unreached Muslim communities.

  • Learning the language and engaging in the culture of the people they live amongst.

  • Using their giftings and vocational skills to bless the communities they live in.

  • Sharing the good news of Jesus and inviting people to follow Him.

  • Seeing people, families and communities transformed through Jesus, and worshipping, growing, healthy communities of Christ followers come into being. It is our desire to see these fellowships multiply and lead to movements.

Because the Muslim world is so large and diverse, Frontiers teams look different in different places. Each team works out how best to fulfil their calling to make disciples in the place they live, and are committed to helping their communities through things like teaching, running businesses, building wells, providing medical care, art and science. Our teams do so many different things. We value the uniqueness of everyone who comes to us and we will strive to place you somewhere you will thrive.

Living overseas can be challenging so we have a dedicated member care team to be there for you when needed to ensure your wellbeing.



We work in close partnership with the sending church to:


new workers and teams to go to unreached Muslim people groups.


them on their journey towards going overseas.


them in their walk with God and character growth.


workers with the tools they’ll need to be effective in the place God is calling them.


them in raising the support they’ll need to sustain them on the field.


them with teams on the field that they might join.

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