With love and respect inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus

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The majority of the world's 1.7 billion Muslims have never met a follower of Christ, and there are still hundreds of Muslim people groups with little or no access to the gospel. However, God is doing extraordinary things in the Muslim world in our day. In the last two decades, far more Muslims have come to faith in Jesus than in the previous 14 centuries since Islam began. This is an amazing season of opportunity.

Frontiers is a culturally diverse, all age movement of over a thousand workers representing 50 nationalities on more than 200 teams. Our teams live and work amongst their host communities in over 50 Muslim countries, prioritising the peoples and places with least access to the gospel.

We desire to see disciples of Jesus gathering and multiplying among all Muslim peoples.

We value working closely with UK churches to raise up, equip and support workers to join teams for the great harvest that is beginning in the Muslim world.

We are non-denominational and our workers come from a wide variety of churches in the evangelical tradition. Each Frontiers worker must be in agreement with our Statement of faith.

The Frontiers difference:

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Nearly one-quarter of the world's population is Muslim and the majority have never met a follower of Jesus. Our focus is on living amongst Muslims in places where no-one has previously made Jesus' love known.

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Everything we do contributes toward planting healthy, reproducing churches through teams of obedient disciples who produce other disciples in the Muslim world.

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We are united in our commitment to live by Biblical truths, but seek to be gracious in embracing diversity. Read our Statement of faith

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Like-minded people united in a common vision can achieve a lot more than individuals. Teams offer mutual support and complementary gifts - it is the only way we work.

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Our approach is field-led. Team leaders make decisions for their own context and, collectively, for the organisation.

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Eager for coaching and accountability

We place a high emphasis on training, mentoring and accountability provided by people with hands-on experience.

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