1st Sep 2023

Over six months has passed since the earthquakes which caused so much damage in southern Turkey and north-western Syria. Our appeal had an incredible response, with almost £70,000 being donated via the British Office to support emergency interventions. We're excited by reports that the practical help we’ve provided is leading to a new openness to the gospel.

One team has distributed hundreds of tents and given water filtration systems to Turkish families. They take the opportunity to visit and pray with families who have had to relocate.

They shared part of Psalm 139 with a group of Turkish women who asked, “Is there more? Can you keep reading?” Of course, they did. Another colleague visited the husbands of these women. “We know we’re far from God,” one of them said. “We need to wake up. We need God.” 

The team leader said: “We’ve been praying for these people for 10 years. What was only tolerated before is now being asked for. It’s as if hard ground has been upturned by a shovel. I’m having conversations I’ve never had before. There is more kingdom being sown into this area of Turkey maybe than ever in history.”

Another Frontiers worker summed things up. “What we saw and the stories we heard were unbelievable and heartbreaking. Such loss of life. Such destruction. For Syrians, they say this was so much worse than the war.  We mourn with them and at the brokenness of the world. 

“But we have hope. We believe that God is good and can bring beauty out of the ashes. God can give garments of praise in place of sackcloth. God does not rejoice in suffering but can use it to bring people to himself.”

Other support given includes provision of semi-permanent shelters, food packages, oil, drinking water, hygiene facilities and supplies, fuel for cooking, medical personnel, prayer,  and specialist care to help the most traumatised.

We continue to work in this area of such desperate need. We are very thankful for all gifts received as they are making a huge difference. Further donations can be made to support ongoing relief efforts by clicking the GIVE button at the top of the page.


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