18th Aug 2022

Mark and his team didn’t intend to get involved with the local gang when they started a fitness center in a Central Asian city.

From day one, the gym drew in young Muslim men from the neighborhood. About twenty of them started showing up on a daily basis.

One day, the Screwdriver walked in. A tall young man with arms covered in tattoos, he had an intimidating presence. Other men in the gym showed him deference and respect and treated him as a man of influence.

The Screwdriver’s gang controlled the entire neighborhood around the fitness center. Whenever someone needed to borrow money, the Screwdriver was the lender.

That also made him the collector—and a brutal one if needed.

The Screwdriver became a regular at the fitness center and often chatted with Mark and his teammates who helped run the place.

“My family members are all Muslims,” the Screwdriver told Mark one day. “But we don’t really practice Islam.”

He shared about the rough life he had lived and confided that he had little hope he could ever earn his way into heaven like good Muslims are taught to do.


“I’ve sinned far too much,” he shared with Mark.

“All have sinned,” Mark replied. “And no one can earn their way to heaven.” He explained that no matter how religious we try to be, we still can’t depend on our own devices to save us.

“But there is a solution to sin,” Mark continued, sharing how Jesus made a way for us to enter God’s Kingdom. The Screwdriver listened as Mark talked about the hope, peace, and forgiveness that are available through Christ.

“Then the only way I am getting into heaven is if God forgives me through Jesus Christ,” the Screwdriver said.

Declaring that he was ready to be forgiven, he prayed with Mark and became a disciple of Jesus Christ. That day he started reading the Bible. And over the following days and weeks, he shared the Gospel with his brother, mother, and some of his friends. They all believed the message, and many of his gang members also started following Jesus.

The Screwdriver is still growing in his faith and learning from God’s Word. And as he continues sharing the Good News, many more Muslim men and women have discovered Jesus Christ through his witness.

  • Praise God for using Mark and his team’s fitness center to introduce the Screwdriver to Christ.
  • Pray for the Screwdriver, his gang members, and his family to grow in love for Jesus, knowledge of the Word, and passion for expanding the Kingdom.
  • Ask the Lord to lead Frontiers teams around the world to men and women who have influence in Muslim communities.

**This account comes from a long-term worker. Names and places have been changed for security.**


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