26th Jul 2022

Here are three current projects helping envision the UK church and preparing people for overseas ministry. Would you consider investing in these? 
1. Pre-field Training/Outreach Events:  

Our PrepSteps community of 60 people, mainly twentysomethings, meets regularly for discussion, prayer with field members and training/outreach weekends. This group is made up of people seriously considering God’s call to take the gospel to Muslim homelands. The first fruits of this new group are now applying for long-term service overseas.  

We would like to subsidise up to 50% of the cost of residential training for both this group and our Candidates training. This would cost £14,000 per year (based on 50% subsidies for 20 attendees, with seven events). 

Would you consider a monthly gift of £20? 



2. Ministry Training Scheme:  

We launched our 2-year internship scheme in 2020 and would like to offer again this opportunity to at least two more young people to serve, train and get practical outreach experience, as a step towards long-term overseas mission. The cost is £9,000 per intern for one year. 

Would you consider supporting a trainee by giving £20 per month? 


3. MomentumYes (UK):  

We are near completion and will launch in the autumn the UK version of this high-quality, multi-agency training course to mobilise interest in mission. It’s designed for small groups in churches, in a style suitable for all generations - and especially for young people.  Of a total budget of £40,000, we’re still seeking £15,500. 

Would you consider a one-off gift of £30? 


If you would like more information about any of these projects, or if you know others who might be interested in becoming involved. We’d love to talk to you.  

Call: 0303 333 5051 or  Email: info@frontiers.org.uk 


To find out how to give, go to our give page


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