24th Apr 2024

“Where is God calling me?”
Many of you may have wondered at this question over the years. Perhaps you are questioning it as you come nearer to the end of a season in a certain job or finishing studying soon and now the future looms. Especially for those of us who wonder if God is stirring something within us to serve him overseas with those who have no access to the gospel locally. It would be great to have a clear answer from God on where, so we can somehow bridge the gap from being here, to being over ‘there’.

When I first felt like God laid overseas ministry on my heart and I discovered the concept of Unreached People Groups (UPG’s) I was ecstatic because this summed up my life’s passion! People with no indigenous church and little to no consistent Christian witness were exactly who I wanted to live amongst. I wanted to have opportunities to share my faith and give them access to the good news for the first time. But then discerning where to go within the many unreached peoples all across the world, who have so many different cultures, languages, opportunities and barriers to the gospel was overwhelming. It wasn’t until I learnt that over 50% of UPG’s are made up of Muslim peoples that it seemed God had led me to a strategic answer to the question of where that I had posed to him many times before.

(picture taken from Joshua Project: 10/40 Window | Joshua Project)

Then my sights fell on the nations within the 10/40 window. Most of us have heard of this, a rectangle roughly 10 & 40 degrees north of the equator, where nearly 2/3 of the world’s population live but 62% of them are unreached. Therefore, containing some of the world’s least evangelised nations, including most Muslims. But have you heard of the Circle of Significance?  

(picture taken from City Vision: Circle of Significance (cityvisiontc.org))

The Circle of Significance, from City Vision, is an even more detailed look at where we might be most needed in the unfinished task. This small circle makes up only 15% of the world’s land mass but is home to over 50% of the world’s population & 67% of all UPG’s. Though lots of the countries within this circle aren’t necessarily known as ‘majority Muslim nations’, 50% of all Muslims in the world live in this small circle and just 4.2% evangelical Christian witness is present. This is certainly a very strategic area for seeing God’s kingdom change lives, but it will require grit, perseverance in prayer and an abundance of love for the lost. Are you up for the challenge?

If you do feel stirred towards these nations, let’s chat and discern together how God might be asking you to respond. You can also be actively praying for this area which desperately needs not just one move of God but many! The 10/40 Window and Christian missions (snu.edu) is also a great resource in finding out more on this topic.


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