5th Aug 2021

One of our International Directors recently wrote to us:  

As I write this, I’m in a small West African country that is 90 percent Muslim. I’m here with 22 young people (aged 17-25) who want to learn how to be fruitful disciples of Jesus who invite Muslims to follow Jesus. It is a joy to see two young people who grew up as kids on Frontiers teams leading this adventure trip. My wife and I are here to invest into the next generation of workers. 

Each day, our little group follows a pattern. We spend the mornings with Jesus – intentionally focussing on being with him through prayer, worship, reading the Word, listening, and other practices. Using Discovery Bible Study methods, we study how Jesus touched people’s lives, and we spend time interceding with God, asking that he would release his power to encounter people with dreams, signs, visions, wonders. In the afternoons, we go out to practice doing what we have studied and what we have asked God for. 

A few days ago, a couple of the young people spoke to a man who was completely uninterested in the gospel. But they asked, “May we just pray for you that God would give you a dream that reveals you who Jesus is?” He agreed that would be OK. So they prayed for him and left their phone number with him. 

Later that same afternoon, the man saw Jesus in a dream and hunted down our group, saying, “Please, please! Can you help me to know and to follow Jesus?” 


These young people are learning how to abide in Jesus, to pray and fast, and then to practice their faith. And the Lord has answered by releasing his power.  


Could it be that some of these simple practices will lead us all to be more fruitful as we proclaim the good news of the Kingdom? 

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    “This was a crash course in discipleship.” “It felt like we were living out the Acts of the Apostles.”

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