5th Feb 2021

Throughout 2020, 34 of our teams reached out to their communities during crises, including responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the help of Frontiers’ Rapid Intervention Network (RIN). 

The goal of RIN projects is to meet physical needs while sharing the good news of Jesus in partnership with like-minded organisations and local Christian communities. Those involved are often reminded that being like Christ in compassionate outreach and sharing resources shows those in crises that God is near and understands their suffering. 

“Being people of Christ’s character is what our community aspires to be. And RIN helps provide tangible ways of caring for their neighbours. 

Here are some of the stories from 2020: 


East Africa:  The team were nervous as they approached an island just off the coast in their small boat. Although the island is renowned for not welcoming outsiders the local authorities had allowed the team to come in order to set up sanitation stands due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they were expecting a frosty, reluctant reception. 

The authorities met the team at the beach and gave them as warm a welcome as possible, showing them around the island and helping set up the stands. The locals working with the team were amazed by the warmth of their welcome. Since then, the door has opened for them to return to the island for future visits. 

Lebanon: Many people have commented to a team working with refugees that their project is healing and righting the events of 1982-83, when thousands of Palestinian men, women, and children were massacred by a Lebanese militia wearing crosses. They swept through the camp under the watch and permission of the occupying Israeli army. "We are seeing for the first time in our lives what the true religion of the Messiah is,” one person told the team. “This is changing our perception of who he is and what it means to be his followers." 

Egypt: One Darfurian woman was having a difficult pregnancy complicated by a sickness. The family asked for prayer and she was healed. The family of seven then opened their home for a Discovery Bible Study and prayer. This family has now joined a local fellowship and are preparing to be baptised. 

Ethiopia: A TV crew wanted an interview with a Somali Muslim background believer (MBB) who had worked with a Covid response team. As he shared openly and honestly the reason to give to those in need during this time, he boldly called out his Muslim countrymen, “If the infidels, as you call them, who don’t even come from this clan or region, are giving to these people, how can you not as a part of this community and clan give too out of your abundance?” This interview circulated on Ethiopian television. 


  • 45 projects funded in 21 countries. 

  • 15,741 families served, mostly through food distribution. 

  • More than six million reached through media education. 

  • Expanded outreach to five peoples or places that were previously unreached. 

  • Up to 70 new Discovery Bible Study groups started. 

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    “This was a crash course in discipleship.” “It felt like we were living out the Acts of the Apostles.”

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